Terms and Conditions

  1. Acceptance of West Wilts Care 4 Pets services is deemed acceptance of our terms and conditions and an agreement to pay our fees on time. 


  1. Day care and Pet care fees will be invoiced shortly after time of booking. A 30% deposit is required to secure the booking and the full amount is to be paid before start of service. 


  1. Regular Dog Walking / Pet Visit clients will be invoiced at the end of each month. Please ensure payments are made within 7 days, by either cheque, cash or direct bank transfer.


  1. West Wilts Care 4 Pets reserve the right to stop walking a dog if he shows aggression to people or other dogs.


  1. West Wilts Care 4 Pets will not be liable for any damage or injury caused by your dog excepting that of proven third party.


  1. West Wilts Care 4 Pets cannot be held liable for any theft or damage to your property or illness/injury to your pet unless we can be shown to be negligent.


  1. The pet owner will be responsible for any costs which might be incurred, either veterinary or other, as a result of any sickness, accident or damage caused to or by the named pet(s), excepting third party liability. No liability will attach to West Wilts Care 4 Pets.


  1. The pet owner gives permission for the pet carer to act as a guardian for the named pet(s) and authorises the named vet to treat the named pet(s) in case of any illness. The pet owner will be responsible for any charges that may be incurred. The pet owner gives permission for the pet carer to transport the named pet to the named vet.

  1. Unless informed otherwise, myself and/or my partner Mark are the only people who will be providing care/walks for your pets.


  1. All dogs must be up to date with annual vaccinations and kennel cough vaccine and copies provided. Dogs must be on a regular flea and worm control regime.


  1. In the case of extreme weather conditions, such as extreme heat, thunder storms, heavy snow, West Wilts Care 4 Pets will use their own judgement regarding walking dogs, with the safety of the dogs and the walker in mind. If weather conditions mean a scheduled walk cannot be carried out, your dogs will be visited and let out into your garden for a brief period and kept company for the scheduled time.


  1. Dogs will only be exercised off the lead if you have given us permission to do so.


  1. West Wilts Care 4 Pets cannot be held responsible for any loss of pets who have access to an open cat flap. In the event of your pet going missing, we will continue to provide care visits for your cats until your return. We will notify your emergency contact, your vet and the relevant authorities that your pet is missing from home.

Friendly and Professional

Competitive rates for dog walking in Melksham, Bowerhill & surrounding villages. Licensed and fully insured with 'Pet Business Insurance'.

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